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02/14/2021Elder Robert Adam Matthew 8: What Manner Of Man Is This? (2-14-2021 Matthew 8.mp3)
Sunday Morning Matthew 8
The Lord Jesus heals a leper and a centurion's servant, responds to those seeking to follow Him, and stills the wind and sea, showing Himself to be the Son of God.
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02/10/2021Elder Robert Adam The Feasts of the Lord (2-10-2021 - The Feasts Of The Lord.mp3)
Wednesday Night Leviticus 23
Moses delivers to Israel the feasts of the Lord, to be observed as holy convocations by them.
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02/07/2021Elder Robert Adam Numbers 20-21: Israel Is Discouraged (2-7-2021 - Numbers 20 and 21.mp3)
Sunday Morning Numbers 20-21
Israel, journeying toward Canaan, was forced to compass the land of Edom, and thus became greatly discouraged in the way.
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02/03/2021Elder Robert Adam Psalm 49: Their Redemption Is Precious (2-3-2021 - Psalm 49.mp3)
Wednesday Night Psalms 49
The Psalmist writes in a parable, describing the folly on man's thoughts and the things in which he trusts.
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01/31/2021Elder Robert Adam Acts 13: In Cyprus And Pisidia (1-31-2021 - Acts 13.mp3)
Sunday Morning Acts 13
Paul and Barnabas travel to Cyprus and Pisidia, preaching the gospel and making disciples.
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01/27/2021Elder Robert Adam Ephesians 4: Walk Not As Other Gentiles (1-27-2021 - Ephesians 4.mp3)
Wednesday Night Ephesians 4:17-32
Paul exhorts the Ephesians to refrain from living like other Gentiles, and to rather put on the new man in their conversation.
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