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02/20/2019Elder Robert Adam 1 John 5: Assurance of Salvation
Wednesday Night 1 John 5:1-15
John teaches concerning the absolute assurance God's people have concerning their own salvation.
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02/17/2019Elder Robert Adam Jonah Part 1 of 2: The Belly of Hell
Sunday Morning Jonah 1-2
Jonah is disobedient to God's word, sacrifices himself to satisfy God's wrath and save men, is swallowed up by a great fish, and is vomited up three days later.
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02/13/2019Elder Robert Adam Revelation 9: Locusts From the Bottomless Pit
Wednesday Night Revelation 9:1-11
When the fifth angel sounds his trumpet, the bottomless pit is opened and locusts come forth to torment men.
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02/10/2019Elder Robert Adam 1 Samuel 1-3: Samuel Ministered Unto The Lord
Sunday Morning 1 Samuel 1-3
Hannah asks God for a son who will serve the Lord all his life.
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02/06/2019Elder Robert Adam Made in the Image of God
Wednesday Night Genesis 1:26-27
Man was originally made in the image and likeness of God, setting him apart from every other creature God made.
Download 2-7-2019_-_Made_in_God_s_Image.mp3
02/03/2019Elder Robert Adam Hebrews 6: Through Faith and Patience
Sunday Morning Hebrews 6
Paul encourages the Hebrews to be followers of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.
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