Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church Edwardsville Illinois


Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church consists of great variety. We have all ages, from the aged all the way down to infants. We have parents of young children as well as grandparents. We have people from the Midwest, the South, and the East Coast. We are blessed with several good song leaders and men who are willing to speak and pray publicly in the church to the edification of the body. We are also blessed with godly women who seek to love their husbands and children, as well as to teach others to do the same.
We are blessed to worship together twice a week. Most of our members attend the Wednesday Night Service in addition to the Sunday Morning Service. We believe in age-integrated, family-integrated worship. The congregation also likes to get together for socials outside of our regular twice-weekly worship services. We pray you will come and feel at home at Little Flock Church among a loving and humble assembly of saints.