Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church Edwardsville Illinois

Primitive Baptists?

What is a Primitive Baptist? What do you mean by primitive? How do you differ from other Baptists? These questions are commonly asked when people hear the term, Primitive Baptist.

According to the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, the word primitive means, “pertaining to the beginning or origin; original; first.” This is exactly the way we use this word to describe ourselves. Primitive Baptists are those who hold to the original beliefs and practices of the Baptists here in America. The word was applied to those who were also called Old School Baptists by those who were called New School Baptists, to differentiate between the two groups.

The differences are not without significance and are not merely preferences, but are based on biblical convictions. The Baptists historically believed that the Bible taught things such as these:

  • That God the Father chose His people (the elect) in Christ before the world began

  • That Jesus Christ died only for the elect

  • That the elect would all be effectually called to eternal life by the Holy Spirit

  • That many things such as the educating and ordaining of elders and the spread of the gospel were charged to the local church and should not be delegated to any other body or organization

  • That the congregation should not be segregated based on age, gender, or any other reason

  • That singing in the church should be done with the two instruments outlined in the New Testament: the heart and voice

 While we hold to these historic beliefs and practices, it should be noted that we do so because we recognize that they are biblically accurate. In other words, we hold our beliefs and practices because we are convicted that they are taught in the word of God. Thus we are in principle (but not necessarily entire) agreement with historic Baptist documents such as the 1644/46 and 1689 London Baptist Confessions of Faith, the 1655 Midland Confession of Faith, the 1729 Goat Yard Declaration of Faith, and the 1900 Fulton Confession of Faith, yet recognize that these have no authority over us. As these documents themselves attest, the Bible is our only rule of faith and practice. To learn what Little Flock Church believes, please read our Articles of Faith [link].