Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church Edwardsville Illinois


On the 4th Sunday in April and October, we observe the Lord’s Supper, or Communion, at Little Flock. We observe this service after our usual Sunday lunch. In accordance with scripture, we use unleavened bread and wine in our service, as they are fit symbols of our Lord’s sinless body and blood. The pastor reads from and explains texts of scripture about the Lord’s Supper; he, according to the example of the Lord Jesus Christ, breaks and blesses the bread, and blesses the wine. He then passes these items to the deacons to distribute them to the members of the church.

The church then observes the service of washing the disciples’ feet, according to the example of Jesus Christ in John 13. The men and women break off into separate groups to maintain modesty. Each member washes at least one other member’s feet, and has theirs washed by at least one member. This service is very humbling, very solemn, and very touching. After all, Jesus said that we would be blessed in so doing (John 13:17). We then conclude our service the way the Lord did, by singing a hymn and going out (Matthew 26:30).

Little Flock Church practices close communion, as opposed to either open or closed communion. Open communion is the idea that any believer can partake of the Lord’s Supper regardless of their affiliation. Closed communion is the position that only members of that particular church can partake. We practice close communion because, while we believe only those who have been baptized under sound doctrine should be admitted to the Lord’s Table, we also recognize other local bodies as being legitimate New Testament churches. Thus, if a member of a sister church (one of the same faith and order) is in attendance, that person is invited to partake of the communion service with us.