Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church Edwardsville Illinois

Sunday Morning

Our Sunday Morning Service is about one and a half hours long. We begin at 10:30 am by singing hymns for approximately thirty minutes, with prayer requests and prayer taking place about midway through the song service. At the conclusion of the song service, we ask a male member of the congregation to read a text of scripture, comment if he so desires, and then pray. A preacher then strives to preach the word of God until close to noon, about forty-five minutes to an hour. The preacher then publishes the open doors of the church to receive members, a closing hymn is sung with a handshake, announcements are made, and a dismissal prayer is offered. Every Sunday, we have lunch together at the church building following the service. On the 1st Sunday of each month, we sing at Edwardsville Nursing and Rehabilitation at 2:00 pm. We would rejoice if you worshiped with us this Sunday.